Tewkenaire is a community driven ecosystem of smart-contracts that distributes cryptocurrency rewards to its users. So far there are two base smart-contracts on the Tewkenaire Network called stable and crazy.
STABLE is the second smart contract in the Tewkenaire economy. Unlike CRAZY, STABLE does not have volatility, as it’s value is pegged 1:1 with TRX. This means you can enjoy rewards from transaction fees like CRAZY, but without the fear of a crash. The downside of STABLE is you don’t have gains in token value. STABLE also feeds the CRAZY contract with a 1% TRX fee from every stable transaction, this distributes rewards to CRAZY holders and raises the value of CRAZY tewkens.

CRAZY is an immutable defi (decentralized finance) smart contract that allows you to exchange TRX for "Crazy", a token that mints TRX rewards for the lifetime of the Tron blockchain. Crazy tewken holders receive TRX rewards when a user enters, exits, or transfers the crazy tewken. The amount of TRX rewards received is based on the amount of crazy tewkens said user holds. For example, say there are 100,000 crazy total. If you are holding 10,000 crazy, you own 10% of the supply. This means when someone enters or exits the crazy contract, you would receive TRX rewards valued 10% of the TRX transaction fee.

When users enter or exit the contract, it affects the value of crazy. When someone enters the contract the CRAZY rate goes up. When a user exits, the rate goes down. Crazy tewken holders get rewards in TRX, up or down. The great thing about CRAZY is it has a floor. Using ambassador wallets (explained below), TRX is pushed into the contracts using partner dapps (explained below) to keep the value rising. The in/out rate being volatile is why these tewkens are called “crazy”.

When the crazy contract was launched, the crazy tewken in rate was extremely low. To ensure long term stability of the token value, 50 ambassador wallets were created to protect against an aggressive contract exit, which could deplete value for crazy tewken holders and kill the contract.

Ambassador wallets can enter the crazy contract, but if they transfer or exit, there is a 100% transaction fee. This fee distributes all theTRX value to crazy tewken holders. The ambassador wallet holders can withdraw or roll TRX rewards, but are not incentivised to exit. The 100% fee distribution is also used with special promotions, whereas ambassadors can exit a portion of their crazy tewkens to “rain” TRX rewards for tewken holders.

Dapps from outside the Tewkenaire ecosystem can enter the crazy contract with TRX for crazy tewkens on ambassador wallets, in exchange for users and promotion from crazy tewken holders. Any ambassador can develop a partnership with a partner dapp, upon review and approval from other ambassadors. The relationship is solidified by a daily TRX contract entry that is programmed to automatically happen from contact to contract. A list of current partners and their specific agreements are available on the Tewkenaire web site by clicking the “partners” tab.

Enter the stable contract and do not exit until after earning enough rewards to cover the 20% in fees. You can roll or withdraw your rewards, but rolling frequently will get you the 20% much faster. Using the Autocompunder 3000 is a great way to roll rewards frequently, and you can promote the Tewkenaire website to generate more transactions from other users.

The same strategy can work with the crazy contract, but take the token value into consideration. If the crazy tewken value rises after you enter the contract, you can earn huge gains when you exit the contract, or incur a loss if you exit after the value goes lower than your entry point. The best strategy for crazy and stable, is never enter with an amount of TRX you can't afford to leave in the contract for a long period of time. That’s how you WIN.